[1.7.3] Cannon powder

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[1.7.3] Cannon powder

Post  Bignoobie on Sun 26 Jun - 14:41

created by: djoslin

Minecraft version: Beta 1.7.3


PropertyReader V1.20: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3734515/PReader.zip

Mod Loader:


Adds a new Item: the cannon powder
The cannon powder is like a TNT, but it don't destroy blocks.
When it explodes, it pushes entities, that's why it is used in Cannon.
The mod also modify the dispenser so it fires the entities, not the item for the Cannon powder and the TNT.

Here is the recipe:

Picture in game:

to the forum: Cannon powder
to his website: http://www.djoslin.info/cannonpowder.php

Note: 9/10 Helpful to cannon makers.

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