[1.7.3]Too many items

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[1.7.3]Too many items

Post  Bignoobie on Fri 27 May - 21:34

Created by: Marglyph

minecraft version:beta 1.7.3

utilities: Inventory editor

Needs: none, but for a better performance, I recommend using ModLoader (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/75440-v164-risugamis-mods-updates/)


Give you the ability to create and edit your inventory without having to close the game.
Give you the ability to make infinite hardness tools.
Give you the ability to make infinite lots of items.
Is able to add any items added to the game by modding.

Picture in game:

Link to the forum:


Note: 8/10 Really useful, you feel like you play in Classic.

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